Zee's Tasty Treats


Zee’s Tasty Treats specialises in a variety of cheffing, pastry and catering services. From tasty treats to food preparation for intimate events and culinary advice and training, Zee’s has you covered.

At Zee’s, we understand that the preparation of exquisite cuisine is no walk in the park, hence hopping onboard your last-minute bookings is one of our many strengths. We’ve cultivated a highly experienced network in the hospitality industry, allowing us to outsource related catering services to ensure the best outcome for your event. We are safely and reliably, your ULTIMATE touch-point.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in the extension of our offering to schools, serving delicious and nutritious meals that yield into the nourishing of a growing body and brain.
*available both as once-off or on-going catering services, on request*

We can also offer local businesses flavourful lunch menu options to their specification.

So, what makes us different? We offer three distinct cheffing and catering services:


Specialist Services

We offer professional advice and food preparation lessons for individuals and small groups.



All the baked goods you can think of, from gourmet cakes to flaky pastries and sweet treats.


Food Preparation

We offer gourmet-style catering services and platters that are suitable for 5-star events.

Our baking and catering services include:



Cakes for all occasions – weddings,
cake smash events, baby showers, birthdays.
All of our cakes are made using a secret
recipe to seal in moisture, making the
cakes decadent and delicious.
*egg-free and oil-free options available*



Our cupcakes are available to custom order.
No matter how specific your wishes, we can whip
up any flavour or theme your heart’s desires.



We can prepare a variety of baked
goods and sweet treats, perfect for
those casual events.



From gourmet-style catering services to
buffets, platters and more, we
comfortably cater for intimate events
up to 60 people.



Whether you’re ordering a cake or a full-catering buffet for a wedding, we are happy to deliver your order. We travel to any location within KwaZulu-Natal, ensuring you can focus on your big day while we
see to the eats and treats.